In Churble World there are seven different weapon styles. Each possessing unique strengths. Churbles being the adaptive and resourceful beings that they are can train in and master any weapon style regardless of their chosen Heroic Path. This makes Churbles the most varied and unpredictable (and some say deadly!) combatants in all of Churble World.



Sword & Shield – Defensive

This style focuses on balance and defense. Practitioners of this style know a shield has more uses than simply blocking attacks and incorporate the shield into their offensive routines whenever possible. To read more about sword and shield check out this dev journal!

Two-Handed – Aggressive

Churbles specializing in this style favor massive, heavy hitting weapons like great swords, hammers, axes, and mauls. Wielding such titanic weapons require a tremendous effort greatly raising attack while leaving the user vulnerable to rebuttals. To read more about them check out this dev journal!

Boomerang – Balanced, Debuffs

Ranged combat with a deceptive flair, boomerang users learn moves that distract, disorient, and disable their foes while also dealing damage from a safe distance.

Dual Blades – Balanced , Multiple Hits

Few Churbles have the speed and dexterity needed to master this weapon style. Dual blade users strike quickly and often.  The style focuses on buffing speed while causing damage over time to unlucky foes.

Relics – Aggressive Spellcasting

What arcane spells of forbidden power lay hidden in these ancient magical objects? A Churble trained in the Relic Style has learned to channel magic from ancient books, crystal balls, monster bones, and raw elements and use that offensive power in battle.

Staves – Defensive Spellcasting

Magical staves and staffs are built to contain powerful enchantments and wards. Churbles trained in this style harness those spells to bolster and defend as well as to hinder and disable opponents.

Claws – Aggressive, Damage-Over-Time

Originally used by Churble miners to excavate tunnels and mines, Claws have evolved into powerful and efficient weapons of war. Most claw designs are based upon monsters both real and imagined, like the terrifying beasts who live in the world above worlds.